Are you tired of the daily struggle to cook dinner?

Do you never know what to make after a long day at work?

Are you constantly short on time and energy for meal prep?

Do you frequently find yourself without the right groceries on hand? And with groceries that go to waste?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Dinner: Solved Meal Plan is for you!

Wondering Why You'll Love This Meal Plan?

- 4 Week Plan: This carefully curated plan contains 20 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes. Some are from the blog and some are exclusive to this book!

- Quick and Easy Meals: All recipes are designed to use no more than two pots or pans to minimize cleanup, be ready in under an hour and easy to follow.

- Weekly Grocery Lists: Find detailed grocery lists for each week to streamline your shopping.

- Planned Leftovers: Each recipe yields 4 servings, which can be used for planned leftovers for lunch if cooking for two. AND most of the leftovers are freezer friendly so that you can make them ahead and keep them on hand for later.

- Flexible Ingredients + Ingredient Efficiency: I include tips for using frozen vegetables for quick prep as well as other substitution notes. And all of the ingredients are reused throughout the weeks so you don’t end up with awkward amounts of ingredients leftover.

- (BONUS) 10 Easy, Last-Minute Dinner Ideas: Because life happens, this bonus section includes a list of quick and simple non-recipe ideas that you can whip up with minimal ingredients and effort.

- (BONUS) Digital Grocery Lists: I’ve also included a digital grocery list for each week that you can easily copy and paste into your favorite app for extra easy shopping.

Don't Let Busy Days Ruin Your Dinner Plans!

  • Save Time- No more last-minute grocery runs or standing in front of the fridge wondering what to cook.
  • Reduce Stress- Enjoy peace of mind by knowing exactly what's for dinner.
  • Boost Your Cooking Confidence- With these easy to follow recipes, you'll see that eating delicious food doesn't have to be overly complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people is this guide designed for?

This meal plan is designed for 2-4 people. 2 people will likely yield leftovers for lunch while 4 will likely result in no leftovers. Depending on your appetites, it may be more than enough or not quite enough for you and it is intended as a general guide.

How long will I have to cook each night?

This meal plan is designed to require no more than 1 hour of cooking per night.

What if I end up eating out one night?

The ingredients for all of the recipes should not go bad quickly. Freeze any meat that you won't be using and then save the ingredients to make the meal the following day.

Can I make ingredient substitutions?

Yes, many of the recipes are adaptable for substitutions and I try to suggest them on the recipe card or in the substitutions cheat sheet.

Can I make get a refund?

No, unfortunately due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be issued.

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